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Now that the season is changing in Australia, it’s that time of the year we are reorganizing our wardrobe. I am one of those who embrace colder days, it means more layers on my outfits, more fun to play with styling 😊

Here are a couple practical tips for you to throw together a few Autumn/Winter looks without having to pile through layers of fabrics to come up with, yet still looking chic and effortless:


  1. Crop Tops + Track Pants. This look can be teamed up with either sneakers/flats or heels. Key details: your top has to be short or cropped, as mini as possible, or make sure it is tucked in, it is the most effortless way to make your legs look wayyy longer than they are! Esp. with wider track pants please Do Not pair them with a long top, you’ll only end up looking baggy. Dress down when you feel like walking in comfy shoes: 

Crop Top and Wide Track Pants

Dress up when you need to for a date or going to a club, you can even throw a denim jack on top, just like Gigi here: 

Gigi Hadid in Track Pants and Crop Top

Got a bit of tummy you are desperately trying to hide? See tip #2. Or even better, shake it off so you can put these on :p


  1. Oversized top + Tights or Leggings. For those who are a bit worried about their waistlines this is the easiest to pull off, guaranteed chic. Key details: normally dark colour tights work better, they make your legs more slim. Again this can be teamed up with sneakers or ankle boots for cold weather. Unless you have model legs, I’d suggest you wear ankle boots that are the same colour with your tights, like these two: 

Kendall Jenner in Black Tights

Black Tights and Ankle Boots


Or else it will create a visual effect on separating your calves into two parts which makes it look shorter, you probably don’t want to end up looking like this right? 

 Ankle Boots and Skinny Jeans


Last but not least, pick the Right colour! A golden rule of thumb I’ve been deploying for years: when it comes to colour palette on your outfits: less is more. I am not saying you should wear all black or all white, I am saying you should have one colour highlight on the entire body, and one only. If you wear basic black & white for the outfit, put on some bright colour shoes; if there are poker dots pattern involved, make sure the rest of your items are of neutral colour, etc. A single colour outfit makes you look dull but too many highlights make you look like a Christmas tree – people lose their track on which part of your body they should focus on. Like everything else in life, dressing yourself is just another balancing act.

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Happy Monday!



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