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When you love what you are doing, working is like meditation….

Last night my head was exploding with tons of new ideas and I felt the urge of sitting in front of the computer right away and start drawing. Here is a quick video of what I did in maybe 15 mins:


I love playing with colours, the main palette of our new collection will be earthy tones that are rich and luxe. Think Bronze, Ox Blood, Tan, they are warm and soothing in winter time, wearing garments in these colours makes me feel like a blanket wrapped around me, because they provide visual effects of warmth. Earth tones are rich, warm colours that are comfortable to be around. Equally suited to interiors and exteriors, modern and rustic styles, earth tones have the potential to be just as lively and interesting as other colours. The colours of sand, clay, craggy cliffs, fields of wheat and freshly dug potatoes, earth colours are grounding and natural on their own but work well with brighter hues, too. Let’s look at earth tones through the lens of nature.

Earthy tone leavesearthy tone natural scene grand canyonearthy tone horse shoe bend


They also work really well in your house – Yellow, Mustard, Grey, Stone Blue:

earthy tone colour mustard yellowearthy tone colour house interior mustard steel blue green


Last but not least, perfect splash of inspiration that should get in your wardrobe this winter 😊

earthy colour tone green dark green mustardearthy colour tone nude brown hazelnut


So my ribbon effect tights might eventually end up looking like this:

holabolla earthy colour tone yoga tights brown mustard green grey

 What do you think, left or right?




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