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We all like people who have a great sense of dressing yet in an effortless way, although you might be surprised that there are actually lots of efforts to go in an effortless style!

One of the easy ways to play this is simple: LAYERS. Not lots of layers, but some, 2 is a safe number, 3 is ballsy but manageable. Creating layers on your upper body naturally generates a laid back vibe that makes you look less serious AKA more effortless and unassuming. Imagine if you see someone at work who has his shirt neatly tucked in vs. someone who doesn’t, those are two very different looks right there.

sienna-miller-ankle-boots-leather-jacket-street-look-style    sienna-miller-leather-jacket-street-style

Second tip: A Balance between your top & your bottom; or your dress $ your shoes. If one of these items are businessey and coporatey (do these words even exist?), make sure the rest of your look are casual or playful.


Throw on a pair of ripped jeans or hot pants with an oversized blazer:


Boyfriend Jeans + Fancy fur coats can work wonders too:


The gist is to make sure your top and your bottom are in contrast styles, but in harmonious colour palette. Neutralised is the key word here.



Here are some big No No’s that went completely against our tips:

Baggy Loose Top + Baggy Pants:



Unless you are Gigi Hadid, it's not going to be easy to pull off a Tight Top + Tight Bottom look, not even Kim Kardashian.



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