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  • How fit is fit?

    1 comment / Posted on by JIALIN LIN

    Body building and fitness training seems like an eternally discussed subject by now. Flick open any magazine and right there, muscly shapes screaming at your from every angle. You rush to the bathroom staring into the mirror and realize: dang I don’t even want to look at myself now, how am I supposed to “embrace” who I am like what I am supposed to?? Well guess what, you are not alone, not by a million years.
    There is a fundamental misconception around Fitness these days. Visually we interpret the word an equivalence of bulky figures and gigantic pieces of muscles, as if you don’t deserved being called “fit” if you don’t possess them, guys in particular – poor slimmer guys out there are suffering being compared to masculine figures like never before. But in all honesty, those studio-shot figures are just an inspiration, or more precisely, an entertainment for your eyes.

    We all have work or study in everyday life, unless you are an Instagram influencer or full time trainer (who trains for a living), we will not and, need not to look like them. Our goal of keeping fit is in reality, much more practical. We want to be able to cycle for 3 hours non-stop on a sunny morning with our kids and loved ones; we want to bush hike for a day without feeling like a zombie the next day; or to the least – running to a bus top in the morning fast enough to catch Sydney’s notorious bus driver who always shut the door right in front of you. Yes my goal is that simple – to out run the axx hole buses so I can at least bang on the glass doors if it dares to leave me alone at 11pm in freezing cold! Go exercise, go work out, go to the gym and lift weights, attend the yoga closes, jog in the morning! Build the muscles you NEED, not the muscles NEEDED by media. You need strong muscles to lift a plant in the garden, not posing it on internet.

    Then comes the gym gear, the activewear. From what I described above you’ve prob figured out I won’t be a huge fan of masculine clothing when it comes to women’s wear, active or not active. Don’t get me wrong I am an advocate for women’s rights and all that, but when it comes to how I want to present myself in the public, looking like a man in gym is not desired. I believe women should look gorgeous with some feminine touch to their looks. I do not intend to look like this picture above, hoping I am not the only one who shares the same feeling. This activewear range is my baby dedicated to all the fashion babes out there who want to look good at all times of their lives, before going downwards or after their spinning class! They are sassy, sexy, playful and genuine, just like the person you want to be :)

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