• What to wear so you don’t get soaked in sweat?

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    Walked out of gym and a cool wind whipped around you that made you shiver, too familiar? About time to pick the right fabric for you activewear ladies (and gents)!

    Wearing the right clothing can make the difference between an enjoyable workout and an hour of misery. And investing in some stylish yet comfortable workout clothing is the perfect motivation to get you moving, whether you’re hitting the gym, heading for the hills or exercising in the comfort of your own home. I already had enough excuses not to exercise – my workout clothing didn’t need to be one more of them.

    One of the most common mistakes people make is wear cotton made clothes when they exercise. Cotton is comfortable, but the more you sweat during exercise, the more perspiration it traps, weighing down your garment and clinging to your skin. In summer, that can prevent your body from cooling properly. In winter, wearing those damp clothes for a workout keeps you cold. Add a cold wind to the equation, and you’ll be chilled to the bone.

    Instead, you should have worn a shirt designed to draw sweat away from the body and move it to the outer surface. These “wicking” clothes (also called technical or performance fabrics) are usually made of polyester and/or Lycra blends. They may cost more than your average cotton T-shirt, but they’ll also last longer and keep you comfortable.

    Proper workout attire doesn’t stop with your shirt. Cotton socks can also trap moisture and cause blisters, while a polyester-blend sock may help prevent them. Shortstightssports brasworkout pants are also available in performance fabrics.

    Here is what you should be looking for when purchasing your new exercise clothing.

    Avoid any rough fabrics that could chafe or irritate your skin during repetitive movement. Choose materials that let you move and don’t constrict you. Pay closer attention to fit than size, as some workout clothes tend to be smaller and more form fitting than regular clothes. Look for items that have a small percentage of spandex listed on the label. This allows for a greater range of motion during exercise and can provide a very comfortable fit without being skin-tight.

    Wicking ability
    If you’re going to be perspiring a lot, make sure your base layer will keep you dry and comfortable. Look for a polyester/ Lycra blend or another synthetic material. These materials keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer—even when wet—and dry quickly.
    Perfect fit
    While you might be tempted to hide beneath baggy layers, you will feel more confident and sure of yourself if you wear an outfit that looks good on you and plays up your assets. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be inclined to exercise more often. Clothing trends change for workout wear too, but the basics never go out of style. Add one or two more trendy pieces to your wardrobe (such as a performance T-shirt in this season’s “hot” colour) but keep your classic black yoga pants that are timeless.


    Have a great weekend ahead!

    Cath xx

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  • Do this for 20 mins as soon as you get home, gives you an energy boost after a long day!

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    We all know that theoretically we should work out more often than what we are doing already, but in reality, most of us struggle between work and all other commitments in life that makes it look like impossible to squeeze more time into exercising.

    Try this next time when you get home, put down your bag and put on your yoga/gym clothing, put aside your phone, get yourself comfortable and sit with your legs crossed like this:


    Or like this


    Breathe in and breathe out, slowly and deeply, as slow as you can. Repeat for 5 mins, easy peasy. Put on Spotify’s “Peaceful Piano” playlist, it’s the best.

    Then curl yourself up like a fetus and do this child’s post like a fetus. Again, slow your breathing, for 5 mins.



    Last one, the downward dog pose for 5 mins, with a 30 second break and repeat it once more. This is a tricky one because ideally we all want to pose like this:

    However reality is quite far from that LOL:


    But don’t beat yourself up just because none of your body part can go where they are supposed to go, just like me! This is an Amazing pose that can force blood flow to your upper body and your head, I am not even exaggerating every time when I finish doing this pose, I feel like my brain is rejuvenated. It gives your head all the energy and oxygen it needs after a long day at work, to me it works the same as in taking a midday nap – insanely refreshing. And if it is too much for you, start with a pose like the right picture here, grab a chair and try to flatten and stretch your upper body as much as you can.


    See it is not hard at all to treat yourself with a body re-boost for just 20 mins a day. Just make sure you do it before turning on your TV or browsing your Facebook feed – we can all afford that much time for our own body, all you need to do is to block out those trivial distractions in your everyday life and, Focus, Relax.


    Happy ANZ Day everyone!

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