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We have been overwhelmed by the pink colour way for a while now: dusty pink; blush pink; nude pink…the list goes on. And it does not stop on sneakers and outfits, it is now going beyond the fashion realm and extended itself into everything applicable in life, from tealight holders to toothbrush cases. Even men’s wear has adapted a lot of reds and pinks and looking more retro than ever.

To be honest I am embracing this pink hype wholeheartedly because for decades I’ve been trying to find outfits (shoes) in this colour way and all we have from the likes of Nike or Adidas is this disgusting atomic bright pink that is so cheesy that I could not even bear looking at it. Have a look at these two, does it ring a bell? Yeah I bet it does….. it puts a frown on face every time I see something like this, yikes! Sorry but no sorry.

Nike Black Trainer with Bright PinkNike trainer grey bright pink

For a very long time these bright pink features are the only “girlie” design we could ever hope for yet get let down as soon as we see it with our own eyes. What is wrong with it? Well for one, it is seriously lack of subtlety. Bright pink will only do that much once you pass the age of 5? For me it was 3! It is loud, childish and, vulgar when being worn on an adult’s body. Pink is a very tricky colour that needs to be dealt with delicacy, or it can easily relate to cheesiness and vulgarness. Thank heaven the fashion world has awaken to this calling. They mix it with low tone colours such as grey, cream to transform it into one of the hottest colours in today’s fashion – dusty pink; salmon pink; blush; mauve…all amazing beautiful shades that we can Actually wear without looking like an over-aged barbie doll:

Adidas Tennis Hu Dusty PinkAdidas Iniki Raw PinkNike Sneaker Blush PinkPuma Sneaker Champagne

Then boom! The net is flooded with outfits from raw pink to nude pink, from top to toe. Together with palettes like Mocha, Nude, Neutral these items effortlessly help a lady to put together a sophisticated look with a touch of "girlishness" that is cute yet chic, feminine but neutral.

Like I said before I could not feel more grateful to this trend, wishing all the designers out there to keep up with the innovation and revolution, to make this world an even more beautiful place 😊

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