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reasons why you should practice pilates

1. Connect your mind & body!

Pilates requires focused and controlled movement, making it perfect for switching off and tuning in with what’s really going on in your body and in your mind.
Many of the exercises target the smaller, harder to reach, muscles and muscle groups so it’s important to establish a mind to muscle connection and draw attention to the breath.
With so much to concentrate on it’s easy to remove stressful thoughts and just enjoy taking time out of your day for movement. So, lock your phone in your locker, lie back and relax on the reformer - your brain will thank you as much as your body.
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2. The physical benefits are endless...

Oh so many benefits!!! Without creating bulk, Pilates will increase muscle strength and tone. It will help increase the deep core muscles. It also improves your flexibility, balance and posture, which can decrease the chances of injuring yourself.

3. It doesn’t matter what you current fitness level is!

Whether you’re a pro athlete, just starting to exercise or somewhere in between, Pilates is an adaptable exercise and the foundations of focusing on body alignment and strengthening your core applies to you!
All exercises can be modified to suit your fitness level, age and gender so it’s always the right time to get started!
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4. Boost your energy levels!

The feeling you get after Pilates is unlike that you get from other workouts - think uplifting, long, lean, lengthened and strong.
Exercise that’s sustainable and enjoyable will always give you the best results and Pilates is something you can incorporate multiple times a week, without the risk of burnout or over-stressing the body.
The magic of your new Pilates routine happens when you feel the benefits across other areas of your life - be it being able to concentrate longer at work, or having the energy to make it to the end of your To Do list, it’s like a positive domino effect of energy!
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5. There are different styles to suit everyone!

Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates is done on the floor using an exercise or yoga mat, encouraging controlled breathing whilst working through body weight resisted movement to build core strength. It can also involve basic Pilates equipment such as a Pilates ring, resistance band, weighted balls and light dumbbells.
Contemporary Pilates
Contemporary Pilates is influenced by modern movement & physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques. There is a large focus on understanding anatomy & the scientific reasons behind each movement & exercise. You’ll often find physiotherapy or fitness inspired exercises added into the workout too.
Classical Pilates
Classical Pilates closely follows the original Pilates system exactly the way it was taught by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It always follows a precise set of exercises in an order that must always be followed. Exercises can slightly be modified if you’re unable to perform them but the general flow & sequence is usually the same.
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is a system of safe and effective exercises which meet the specific individual’s needs. It is often used in combination with physical therapy to help you recover from injuries or to manage a serious physical condition.
Dynamic group Reformer Pilates - what Love Athletica offer
Unlike Classical Pilates, Dynamic Pilates goes a step further. As the name suggests, it’s a more intense and dynamic program, designed to improve posture and build lean and toned muscles by targeting each muscle group through a series of a combination of slow and fast paced movements both on and off the Reformer. Expect to sweat! Think of it as Pilates with a little more.
muscle training
So if you’re looking to improve your strength and fitness and a workout you’ll love every time, book a class! Feel the Pilates love at Love Athletica studios (trust us...you’ll feel amazing!)
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