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The term ‘sustainability’ is thrown around a lot on social media these days. Many times, I’m finding the context to be incorrect or not encompassing the entire concept. To start, sustainability is a term you can apply to almost everything. It’s a balanced concept with an ultimate goal of sustaining the world in which we live. It’s about future generations being able to enjoy the same things we do, today. It has three categories, all of which are equally as important - environmental, social and economic. There really isn’t one answer to this concept, and it will vary depending on where you are in the world, who you are talking to, and our ever changing environment. We all have different values, which also play a part in determining the sustainability of a product. Therefore, it’s important to keep an open mind, and realize nothing is black and white. 

Typically, for a garment to be considered ‘sustainable’, it should be eco-friendly, ethically-made, lasting, and accessible. We could make a long list of what a sustainable garment should be, but these are the key characteristics I look for when deciding on my purchase. I’ve created a simple checklist in my guide linked below.

Find out more about sustainable fashion, what to look for & where to find it in my Easy Guide to Sustainable Fashion - here



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