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Flash back to 2014, I was one of those typical corporate ladder climbers – having a well-paid full time job, working my way up to more senior roles and making more commissions on a daily basis. On paper I have a great job, generous salary, and the best friends and family. But, I was not happy. And the worst part, I did not even know why. From hindsight I know the reason 4 years later, my job was not fulfilling anymore, but at that point of my life I had no clue what was wrong.

So I asked myself the same question every time when I had a dilemma in my life: what is it that you wish you could have done if tomorrow is your last breathing day on this planet? Just like that, I decided to quit my job and started travelling around the world full time. Because I wanted to make it happen on an emotional level, and I could afford it on the financial front as well, after years of hard savings. I started from Middle East, during the course of 13 months, I covered Africa, Europe, Middle East, South and North America, and Antarctica! Yes I had to brag about that! Check this baby out: the whole group stayed in that massive cruise in the background of this picture

Before I started this lengthy solo trip, to be honest I was not expecting any soul-searching self-discovery miracle…. I have a pragmatic personality and naturally detest any extravagant label that’s been put on travelling. For me travelling is merely a way to discover and explore the unknown and an affective channel to feed my curiosity and passion about this world and all the amazing cultures existed. But as cliché as it sounds, upon finishing this grand trip, I did go through a significant shift in my core values and the way I view this world. So I guess they are right all along – living outside of your comfort zone does have effects on people, like it or not.

Travelling round the world used to be one of my end goals I’ve been working my whole life towards till I took this trip, so in a way I kind of managed to realize an ultimate dream since early childhood. And let me tell you how you would feel upon accomplishing a huge mission like this – you feel life is purposeless. All of a sudden you’ve lost the motivation to continue all the hard work you’ve been repeating for years, I wonder why I should work so hard anymore, do I really like money that much? Maybe that was when it hit me that after all, I am not such a materialistic person. 😊

(to be continued)


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