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Packing what to wear on holidays can be stressful for a variety of reasons – trying to look at your best without over-crowding your suitcase, now that is a fine line to draw. And talk about comfort level, you certainly don’t want to trap yourself in un-stretchable jeans or a mini dress while trying to catch a flight!

In my opinion the surging activewear market really tackles the problem. We all know how great it feels wearing super stretchy tights in economy class’ tiny seats. Your legs need to go in all different directions before you reach a knife to cut them loose….just sayin….I, for one, always opt for tights over jeans when hopping on a plane. Unless they are jeggings, most jeans for me are way too tight and thick, and those buttons/zippers around my waist are just not helping when I curl up like a ball, no not my scene. Thanks to tons of gorgeous prints and designs (thanks to the likes of Lorna Jane and Stella McCartney), we will never run out of options on a pair of chic and comfy tights. They give you an in trend but effortless look, they stretch, they breathe, really there is not much you can ask for from in-flight-wears.

Now we’ve resolved the bottoms, let’s talk about tops. Again I opt for sports bras, an no I am not biased. They generally are more flexible and supportive, facilitate more freedom of movement, and makes the situation a tad less awkward when your bra straps reveal unintentionally…. As they are mostly designed as a top that can be put on in the public. Throw on a loose tank top or a hoodie, you are all set for a comfy long haul flight feeling like your body is in PJs – the best feeling in the world!

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