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COVID 19 is unknown territory. Full stop. We have no idea when a vaccine will be available, when we can reopen our border and travel again, worst yet, when we can go back to the gym! Apparently alcohol assumption has gone through the roof - makes sense though, who doesn't need a glass of vino during these depressing times...

BUT, rest and assured, most of us are expected to eventually get out of this alive, and to see your friends and families again not on an iPad screen. So we better keep our workout routines and our shape in a safe place! 

Gyms and fitness houses are adapting real quick these days to make sure they don't lose all of their customers in the next few months. They have made available a variety of workout videos you can easily access on YouTube. Here are productions from Barry's Boot Camp and one from F45 - it's actually a lot of fun to watch and follow, great entertainment and it keeps you fit, what more can you ask for :)

F45 gym online work out video gym session


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