• Hot To Wear The Trend Of The Season: Ruching

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    If one quick scroll through Instagram can tell you anything about trends this season, it’s this: Ruching is in and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. From street stylists to high fashion sophisticates, everyone one wants a little ruched detail and it’s easy to see why. Typically a feature of a piece’s bodice, ruching chinches in the waist and shows off what your mamma gave ya, even if you got all your looks from your Dad.


    showpo party cocktail dresses


    Should you have no idea what on earth ruching is, let me break it down for you. Ruching is that cute gathered detail you see on a lot of bodycon dresses and mini skirts. It kind of looks like really full, freestyle pleats.

    The fluid folds in ruching also act as your wardrobe’s secret weapon. They hide smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps, making the dress super flattering for all body types. Yup, so now you can wear your fave bodycon dress to an all you can eat buffet before the club and no one would be any wiser.

     Posing for a hot pink cocktail dress.

    While ruching is great for girls with bigger chests, it also works wonders for us more flat chested folks. A milkmaid style dress with puff sleeves is the perfect way to accentuate your assets, even if you don’t have any. The square cut neckline is universally flattering and comes in enough colour ways and styes that it’ll always be on heavy rotation in your weekend wardrobe.

    The ruching  trend is anything but new. It was a hallmark of ’80s fashion, defining everything from leather mini skirts to the Princess Diana style puffy-sleeve wedding dresses. But don’t let that deter you. This new generation of the ruching trend is anything but outdated. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now.


    The ruching  trend is anything but new. It was a hallmark of ’80s fashion, defining everything from leather mini skirts to the Princess Diana style puffy-sleeve wedding dresses. But don’t let that deter you. This new generation of the ruching trend is anything but outdated. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now.

    Mauve silky satin top

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  • How to make the “Effortless” look happen?

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    We all like people who have a great sense of dressing yet in an effortless way, although you might be surprised that there are actually lots of efforts to go in an effortless style!

    One of the easy ways to play this is simple: LAYERS. Not lots of layers, but some, 2 is a safe number, 3 is ballsy but manageable. Creating layers on your upper body naturally generates a laid back vibe that makes you look less serious AKA more effortless and unassuming. Imagine if you see someone at work who has his shirt neatly tucked in vs. someone who doesn’t, those are two very different looks right there.

    sienna-miller-ankle-boots-leather-jacket-street-look-style    sienna-miller-leather-jacket-street-style

    Second tip: A Balance between your top & your bottom; or your dress $ your shoes. If one of these items are businessey and coporatey (do these words even exist?), make sure the rest of your look are casual or playful.


    Throw on a pair of ripped jeans or hot pants with an oversized blazer:


    Boyfriend Jeans + Fancy fur coats can work wonders too:


    The gist is to make sure your top and your bottom are in contrast styles, but in harmonious colour palette. Neutralised is the key word here.



    Here are some big No No’s that went completely against our tips:

    Baggy Loose Top + Baggy Pants:



    Unless you are Gigi Hadid, it's not going to be easy to pull off a Tight Top + Tight Bottom look, not even Kim Kardashian.


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  • Love Island is back baby!

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    Sophie Monk is looking gorgeous as always, only this time she is not the centre of a shit storm in love island. Only day 3 in the show, we have seen hot babes swapping their dates and bombshells kept banging the door of the mansion, turning eyes of guys who are either quite committed (claimed) or still looking. 

    And that Maurice guy that I am sure most women cannot stand - common how low your self esteem has to be so you can be attracted to a person like that...? Apparently his ex has gone public on her insta telling the whole wide world he ended their relationship only 2 weeks before he flew to Fiji for shooting the hit show. Ouch... I feel ya sis! 

    Nonetheless, season 2 is surprisingly addictive and it takes me a lot to tell everyone at work that I've been following the show - shameless. Not much cat fights (yet) but definitely a lot of personality clash, very entertaining. Plus who doesn't want to see a screen full of babes and hotties in their almost naked bodies:

    pop culture reality show dating show entertainment love island australia 2019 season 2

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  • 4 things that will make your CV stand out of the crowd

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    Writing a resume is easy, simply list out all you’ve done in the past in bullet points, it should not be too hard a task should it? Applying for a job vacancy is the same, go to seek or Linkedin, click a few buttons and job done. If this is the mentality you are having then it might take quite a while for you to land your dream job.

    Imagine yourself being an HR or recruiter that thrown at dozens of CV’s a day, put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make your CV outstanding against others, because really that is the first roadblock you have to remove before anything can happen.

    With a few job hunting experience under my belt I am going to share with you a few quick tips on how to become a super star in writing a great resume:


    Read your job description. If it is a role within your current industry which mostly is the case, find out key words that describe what sort of personality/character traits they are looking for. A role that says a lot about a fast-paced environment hoping to recruit someone that is fun, proactive and hungry for success might be quite different from a role that requires someone that is highly organized and detail-oriented. Print this in your head and try to skew your writing in the style of characters they are after.

    Put a small paragraph to sum up your career highlights and what role you are after on top of your list of job experience. This serves as a mini cover letter without making busy recruiters having to read your cover letter. It should give readers a clear and concise snapshot of who you are, and what kind of jobs you are interested. For example when I started looking for jobs in media back in 2008, I did not have any media working experience so it was hard for my CV to stand out. So at the end of this magic paragraph, I wrote a line that says: looking for admin roles in a media corporation – I figured my experience would only allow me to ease into the industry with a junior role that does not require too much expertise of the industry. I ended up getting that role, and the sales director at the time told me the reason my CV caught her eye is that line! She said that was Exactly what she was looking for: someone who can handle mostly admin duties in their media sales team.

    Ditch the Cover Letter. If you’ve gone so far trust you already know what I think of cover letters. I am telling you to bin them because I’ve spoken to a lot of friends in recruitment an HR – they do not read them. When people are burred under a sea of resumes they only look for things they want to know about. Printing out and reading a separate piece of word document isn’t exactly exciting for these busy guys. Instead of putting a full on one pager, try to minimize it into a small paragraph as described above, and the fact that you put that at the beginning of your CV makes it compulsory for people to read before they read on. You will be amazed how well it works.

    Taylor make your CV accordingly. There will be times when you are applying different types of roles or in different industries. In those cases please make sure the resume matches what is expected for an ideal candidate. A project manager’s role will require someone that is highlight organized and a good communicator as it needs you to deal with internal stakeholders a lot; a sales manager’s role will require someone who is hungry for success/money, be proactive and great at building relationships; a software product manager’s role will require someone who understands coding and UX design. The easiest way to cheat on tweaking your CV is copy and paste the listed job descriptions, and modify it under your own language without having to deviate from the truth – which is your real working experience.


    After you’ve done all of the above, read and re-read the work, try to imagine if you’d like to hire someone behind these words if you are the hiring manager, this is the most effective way to check how well you did your job.


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  • How to pair Sneakers and Dresses

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    Ballet flats labels would probably never have thought that one day, their biggest competitors are sneakers. Sneakers and skateboarding shoes used to be an item that can be paired with pants or shorts, few people could successfully put them together with feminine items such as dresses or skirts. Now thanks to the latest chic designs happened in the sneakers’ industry, we can finally put them on with our lovely outfits! To begin with though, pick those who has a leaner silhouette with no chunky or thick bottoms, below are a quick guide on how to pick your “dressy” sneakers:

    • Fabric shell over leather
    • Skinny soles over platform or thick ones
    • Skateboarding shoes over trainers
    • Runners over basketball or tennis shoes
    • Slightly pointier or slimmer toes than round toes

    These features will make your sneakers look less “sporty” and more chic, let’s start with low top sneakers. Low top sneakers go best with long pants, maxi dress or any item that you were meant to showcase as the primary focus on your outfits. Like this bright yellow maxi, it needs to go with a low top and low key shoes that do not take away your attention on the dress and make the whole look harmonious:


    Or a floral dress with bright orange handbag that is the highlight, a pair of simple white sneakers is spot on:



    Another floral dress with black leather bike jacket, great balance between rough and delicate, highlight is the high end slit around her left thigh, again you do not want to take people’s attention away by teaming this look with high profile sneakers, so white low top ones are a good choice as well:



    Brunching with friends and fear that your secret crush might also be there? A baby-doll dress with white sneakers, you don’t need worry about overeating showing the cute and shy tummy with this, and it is super elegant and summery. It’s a no brainer!



    To be honest white sneakers are the easiest as they literally go with anything in your wardrobe, but if you know these quick and smart ways I am about to show you below, you will find even colourful or high top sneakers are easy to handle as well.

    Going to dancing with your besties on Saturday night but dreading the idea of having to standing on heels for hours on? Throw on an LBD (Little Black Dress) with black sneakers that has some highlighting bold colours on, sexy, chic and comfy! Win win



    Going to work but sick of wearing heels on the street? Or even a casual Friday feel like a bit dressy, this asymmetrical white dress will look just fine with your black Converse:



    Another LBD with bright red Nike high top basketball trainers, super dooper cool:



    Loooove this look, grass green low sneakers with mini black skirt, an all-black effortless look:



    If you are to wear high top ones, makes sure the entire outfit is above the knee, like Chiara Ferragni in this shot:



    Kristen Stewart is probably the best sneaker queen out there;



    Last but not least, the classic Red-White combo:



    If you have any other better tips feel free to comment below.


    Have a fantastic week guys!





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