• The Good Old New Year Resolutions

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    The fatal flaw with New Year's resolutions — and most goal-setting, for that matter — is that we typically bite off more than we can chew. We're not setting realistic goals. As such, we end up disappointed and, often, with a forgotten resolution by the time February rolls around.

    Ahead are 14 realistic goals that anyone can accomplish in a calendar year — things that are not only doable but also enjoyable and will eventually become so second-nature, you'll forget they were resolutions. The best part? Each contributes to a happier life and a healthier body and brain.

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  • Your quick breakfast guide on the road

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    I know, here comes that time of the year Again. Two things that might cause you scratching your head will be: what to get for Xmas gifts for X, Y, Z….. all the beloved (or not so much) ones in your life; and, hopefully if your bank account permits, where to go for a two-week holiday before reality hits.

    One thing that is particularly challenging for me when travelling is that my eating pattern is constantly out of whack. Jet legs and the lack of self-discipline both play their roles in this, an out of order metabolism is the last thing you want on a holiday. Keep a few energy bars on the side, in your pocket – there are protein balls you can get at Rebel Sports or any given pharmacy, they are quite delish and easy to carry around. Get out of your bed at normal local hours and pop one or two of those down your throat, have a boiled egg or a banana as well if possible, then you are set for the rest of the day. These foods provide you with the energy and protein your body needs and they take no time to make, literally.

    Off you go, have a great Xmas and New Year!



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  • Why you should have sport bras and tights when travelling

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    Packing what to wear on holidays can be stressful for a variety of reasons – trying to look at your best without over-crowding your suitcase, now that is a fine line to draw. And talk about comfort level, you certainly don’t want to trap yourself in un-stretchable jeans or a mini dress while trying to catch a flight!

    In my opinion the surging activewear market really tackles the problem. We all know how great it feels wearing super stretchy tights in economy class’ tiny seats. Your legs need to go in all different directions before you reach a knife to cut them loose….just sayin….I, for one, always opt for tights over jeans when hopping on a plane. Unless they are jeggings, most jeans for me are way too tight and thick, and those buttons/zippers around my waist are just not helping when I curl up like a ball, no not my scene. Thanks to tons of gorgeous prints and designs (thanks to the likes of Lorna Jane and Stella McCartney), we will never run out of options on a pair of chic and comfy tights. They give you an in trend but effortless look, they stretch, they breathe, really there is not much you can ask for from in-flight-wears.

    Now we’ve resolved the bottoms, let’s talk about tops. Again I opt for sports bras, an no I am not biased. They generally are more flexible and supportive, facilitate more freedom of movement, and makes the situation a tad less awkward when your bra straps reveal unintentionally…. As they are mostly designed as a top that can be put on in the public. Throw on a loose tank top or a hoodie, you are all set for a comfy long haul flight feeling like your body is in PJs – the best feeling in the world!

    Find more HOLABOLLA activewears on ZALORA:

    Shop our picked item for your in flight wear today!

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  • If you haven't tried this already, bring over your date this weekend!

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    Thinking of where to go for your weekend dates? Well HOLABOLLA may have just found the perfect solution for you if you are at the "getting to know each other" phase with a hottie, fun time guaranteed.

    It’s official: Newtown Social Club is now Holey Moley – a mini-golf cocktail bar where you can eat and drink while you play. Funlab, the entertainment company that also owns Strike Bowling and Sky Zone, purchased the venue earlier in the year and spent two months installing 18 novelty holes over two storeys.

    On the ground floor, hit a ball into Pacman’s mouth and get a photo with the Game of Thrones-inspired chair made of golf clubs. Head up the stairs (they’re now lined with funhouse mirrors) and turn right at the neon angel wings where NSC staff used to scan tickets. Next to a copy of the living room from The Simpsons, and a donkey with Donald Trump’s face on its backside (The Ass Hole), hit a ball onto an oversized, spinning turntable. Think about the time you stood in this same spot and watched your favourite band (Camp Cope, 2016), or observed as the crowd descended into mayhem (DZ Deathrays, 2015).

    “We’re still getting, ‘It’s a travesty’, but all that would have happened is Newtown Social Club would have closed down,” says Michael Schreiber, Funlab CEO. “Things change and move on. Our preference was to be in the CBD, but it was hard to find a space. We needed to find a venue that we could rebirth, that already had appropriate licensing in place, and this came up.”

    The layout of the venue is largely the same. The beer garden is untouched, the stage is in tact (it’s now The Stage Dive hole) and the sign out the front remains (outlining names of courses – Ain’t Nothin’ Butt a Hound Dog, Grave Situation – rather than artists). Novelty props, upside-down photographs and sections of Astroturf have been added. Colourful lights complement the disco ball that still hangs from the ceiling in the front room.

    Downstairs, the dining room has become Take a Bao. It serves six types of steamed buns available to order alongside Asian-inspired snacks, such as spicy Korean chicken wings and waffle fries with miso mayo. Cocktails are colourful: some are topped with sour lollies, others have been made into snow cones (Negroni, Frosé and Pina Colada). All can be served to share in a large silver trophy cup.

    Holey Moley has been a big success in Brisbane and Melbourne, and despite its contentious backstory, it’s likely to triumph in Sydney, too. It’s light-hearted, colourful and undeniably fun – sip your novelty cocktail and try not to think about it too much.

    Holey Moley Golf Club
    387 King Street, Newtown
    1300 727 833

    Mon to Fri 12pm–midnight
    Sat & Sun 10am–midnight


    Brought to you by Team HOLABOLLA

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  • 10 Great Foods When Practicing Yoga

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    Dear BOLLA Queens,

    HOLABOLLA is here to celebrate women’s health and freedom with our versatile activewear that allows women transform between work, home and studios. We will be issuing blog posts once a week covering topics in lifestyle, women’s health, fashion, travel, everything and anything that constitutes a female’s body and soul.

    Over the past decade Yoga has proved to the world that it is not merely a form of exercise, it has become the norm of so many peoples’ daily workout routine.

    Whether you’re practicing intense Power yoga or slowing it down with Hatha or Yin, a healthy diet is key to having both the energy and the focus to make it through your practice. It’s important that your diet is balanced and full of nutritious foods high in fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, and natural sugars to keep you satisfied and grounded.
    Here are 10 great foods to support your yoga practice that will give you a boost without having you bouncing off your mat.


    1. Dark Leafy Greens

    From kale to collards, mustard greens to arugula, dark leafy greens are brimming with vitamins C, E and K, iron, fiber and calcium, and so much more. You know yoga is good for the whole body, and adding more dark greens to you diet can help to boost those benefits even more. Try them in a salad, a smoothie or sautéed as a side dish.

    1. Raw Cacao

    What’s better than chocolate? The superfood raw cacao. The main ingredient in chocolate, raw cacao is packed with antioxidants to fight disease, flavonoids to reduce the risk of heart disease, and magnesium to support emotional health. Yoga has been found to help people live longer, happier lives, and it looks like consuming raw cacao can help too.

    1. Quinoa

    Yogis need their protein for energy and concentration and the super grain quinoa is one way to get it. Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, iron for healthy blood, vitamin B2 to help with energy production in cells, and magnesium for blood sugar control. It can be eaten in place of a grain like rice, or even as a breakfast instead of oatmeal. Quinoa may be around for thousands of years already, but some consider it the super grain of the future.

    1. Porridge

    Porridge is high in fiber, low on the glycemic index scale and has been found to help lower cholesterol. On top of that, yogis with the Ayurvedic constitution vata can benefit even more from porridge’s warming qualities, especially when made with cinnamon or cardamom. Need another reason? It’s also easy on the digestive system and since it’s slow burning, it’s great for sustained energy.

    1. Berries

    Their bright colors are a strong indicator that berries are high in disease-fighting antioxidants, and they’re a wonderful addition to your smoothie. Since they’re also high in fiber, berries can help keep hunger at bay and keep everything moving. The natural sugar in berries will help you get through your practice without crashing like high-sugar snacks can do.

    1. Lentils

    They’re often called the fountain of youth for their anti-aging benefits. Lentils also have more folate than any other plant food. They’re also loaded with iron and protein to keep you energized throughout a demanding yoga practice. Try lentils in an Indian Dhal dish full of warming spices to help keep you grounded when life becomes too much and even your practice could use a little help.

    1. Tofu

    Yogis love their vegetarian diets, but anyone who follows a plant-based diet knows the on-going dilemma – where’s the protein?

    We all know you can get it from grains and vegetables, but another great source is tofu. Tofu is considered a complete protein because it supplies the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce on their own. For every 100g of tofu, this low-fat, low-sugar soy product provides 17.19 g of protein.

    1. Nut butters

    Whether you fancy peanuts or prefer almonds, nut butters are a great way to satisfy hunger, boost your energy, and keep you powered up until it’s time for Savasana. Nut butters are super high in protein and contain the good fats to keep you healthy.

    And unlike their whole selves, there are so many ways to enjoy nut butters. Spread them on rice cakes or brown rice tortillas, use them as a dip for apples or bananas, or if you need a little something sweet, remove the pit from a date and fill the center with almond butter. Yum!

    1. Fresh fruit

    Aside from being refreshing, delicious, and constantly changing with the seasons, fresh fruits are generally high in fiber, antioxidants and more. They’re good for your health and they are a great way to satisfy hunger during the day. Thanks to their natural sugar content, fresh fruit provides a boost of energy without the crash of refined sugars. Check out your local farmer’s market and have fun with all the fruits you can find.

    1. Lemon and water

    Put down the coffee and start your day with warm water with lemon. In addition to kick starting your digestive system the healthy way, warm lemon water helps to alkalize the body, which helps control the development and spread of disease. If you’re a fan of Power yoga that really works the muscles, warm lemon water can also help keep the joints and muscles healthy.

    Info source: Liz Rosenblum


     Have a kick ass week!


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